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#FamilySecrets — Wife and Children Missing

Growing up I heard no stories of the Jensen side, and I never thought to ask. My grandma and grandpa lived two states away and I only saw them a couple times a year. It wasn't until I started researching that I started connecting with relatives and hearing stories about the Jensen family. As my… Continue reading #FamilySecrets — Wife and Children Missing

Genealogy, Jensen Family

The Past meets The Present

My oldest brother recently visited Vermont on a weekend vacation. While he was there he called me and asked if there was anything that he could go visit in regard to our family history. I of course immediately said YES!!! I wanted him to go visit the Jensen Family Farm, and try to find out… Continue reading The Past meets The Present

Genealogy, Jensen Family

The Men Who Started It All — Jerry Jensen Edition

It's been awhile since I've blogged. Mostly, that's because I haven't found anything recently that I have thought was interesting enough to share. Probably because I haven't had a whole lot of time recently to do much research. Then last week my youngest son, Jensen, somehow got into my "important things" cabinet and got into… Continue reading The Men Who Started It All — Jerry Jensen Edition


A Call To Action – Access to Public Records In Indiana

Every genealogist knows that it is best practice to use original records as their sources where available. We don't want to rely on another person's interpretation of records, whether it be through transcription or published genealogy books. Sometimes original records aren't available, but what if you know a record exists but you aren't "allowed" to… Continue reading A Call To Action – Access to Public Records In Indiana